Friday, September 6

Marceline Make-up Tutorial

Marceline the Vampire Queen make-up inspiration for your next Adventure Time dress-up event

Saturday, August 31

DIY gift satchel bags from magazines

Do you have a pile of old magazines which are ready to be thrown out? Then stop!, Tear out all the cool pictures in it and make yourselves some fun satchels for all types of gift giving.

Below is an easy tutorial on how to make your own

Thursday, August 1

Cheap & Easy FAIRY WINGS Tutorial NO SEW

 This may be the easiest and cheapest dress-up outfit for your child, EVER!!! NO SEW

Monday, July 8

DIY Lumpy Space Princess backpack

Do you need a Lumpy Space Princess Backpack in your life? Then look no further, this 30 minute D.I.Y project is what you are looking for!

Wednesday, July 3

DIY Glitter cloud rain nail art

It's been raining and cold here for a few weeks which makes everything depressing and basically me not wanting to do anything, so I thought I would do some pretty & cute rain cloud nails to cheer me up :) So okay they don't looks awesome or how I wanted them to look but I think they are cute enough to pull off and wear to brighten up the cold winter rainy days, glitter makes everything better right?

Below is the picture DIY tutorial on how I painted them  :-)