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Animal Onesie Tutorial... kids, teens or adult...

 I was asked for a tutorial on the Jake onseie pj's I made for my daughter a while back. I don't really have enough pictures to do a full tutorial, as for some reason I didn't take photos while doing the head lol probably because I was winging it as I went and didnt plan on doing a tutorial as sometimes I take quick photos to remind me in the future of how to recreate ;)

Anyway here is what I have, hope this helps anyone making a animal or Jake onesie. 
Even though this was for a child, you could adjust this for any size, great for teenagers & adults

- soft polar fleece
- zippier that is length of neck to waist
- elastic for arms and leg holes
- feft of polar fleece  for face details
- stuffing if you want the details to be puffy

First measure who you are sewing for from neck to ankle as you need this for base.

I got a long sleeve t-shirt that was baggy and some loose pants and used this as a guide for the armholes, width, arm sleeves etc. The crotch needs to be about 15-20cm's below the normal crotch seam, to give that baggy look, also good for comfort as you don't want the crotch to be to tight and digging in you lol I also added length to the legs and arms so they were baggy also.

Cut out you pattern as above, keeping a fold line for back panel. You do not need to cut that. The front panel has center cut to add the zip in. Sorry I have no photos of sleeves, but I just did a basic straight sleeve, nothing special.

Sew in the zip (you could use clip buttons if you do not know how to sew in a zip)

I did my zip so it was hidden only because I was too lazy to go back to shop and buy the right colour haha but you could do an exposed zip if you like :)

Sew up the shoulders, side and inside leg seem. Once this is done you can sew in the arms and fold up arm/leg holes and add elastic. Then the base is done :)

Now for the harder part that I do not have any pictures for lol

I first made a hood like you would for a sweat shirt. The eyes are cut out & sewn straight on the hood after figuring out my placement.

The nose/mouth panel I made separate (see where the black oval nose is, I had an opening to allow me to fill with stuffing, hidden when covered) Once I made the outer panel I placed onto the hood and sewn the black nose on to hold it all in place, the oval nose is the only thing that I sewn to attach to the head. I then made some flat ears and tail to sew on.

Yes it even fits me and looks cute haha

Next attach the hood to neck hole and I added a tie so the hood could be tightened like a hoodie.

I hope this makes enough sense and helps you, maybe even inspire you to make all different animal onesies :D Sorry I couldnt explain my how to with better with more pictures.

Happy sewing!!!

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  1. You are so talented. This is so cool. I want to make big matching ones for me and my husband.

  2. Super cute!

  3. Hah! This is awesome! my boyfriend wanted a sock monkey pajama set that was like $200 and I said noway! Maybe I will make him one! This is stinkin' adorable!


    Holly Foxen Wells


  4. haha yeah $200 is way too much, make him one and then it will be special to him ox

  5. hehe yes do it!!!! you 2 will be awesome and cute in matching ones oxo


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