Wednesday, October 31

Love, gifts & giggles

Today was my 14th wedding anniversary, which clashes with a post for Halloween lol so maybe 2 posts today :)

The photo above was from our anniversary last year, I will have to try to get a new photo this week, that is if I can con him lol My husband hates photos and if i even put his head on the net he probably would kill me, so the closest you can get to seeing him is the tattooed arm above haha

Here are some comments I got on my facebook today, comments like these always makes me laugh.

 "Did you get a lolly for trick or treat being he was handing them out?? Lol .. Seriously, Congrats guys, hope you get lotsa anniversary lovin' xo"

 "Congrats but seriously Matthew how do u put up with her lol"

He surprised me with a DVD of my favourite show at the moment 'Todd and the book of pure evil'  I think I squealed when he gave it to me and did a happy dance haha this is such a great funny horror show, that has old school gore that just is not done any more, it is a shame it is not popular as it deserves to be. 

Some people like fancy jewellery and expensive things from their partner, I am happy with a DVD lol

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