Thursday, October 4

Cupcake gift box DIY

Here is an easy DIY project you can do with all those biscuit tins you have lying around. I always have Danish cookie tins, it is not because I am addicted to these delicious baked goods, they just happen to turn up empty all the time ;)

For this cupcake box you do not need much supplies or skill.. YAYY

What you need
- empty tin 
I used a mini tin, I don't always buy the huge ones ;D
- craft glue
- 2 contrasting fabrics
- stuffing 
- needle & thread
- embellishments
I just used a pom pom but sequins or beads would be super cute

Bottom part of the cupcake
1/ grab some thick fabric and cut around the bottom part of you tin. making sure you have enough fabric to fold inside the tin
2/ glue bottom of tin to center of the fabric circle
3/ slowly fold fabric around tin creating a pleat type pattern, secure with clips and glue. Or if you are lazy like me just use bobby pins that you had in your hair lol
4/ cut a strip of cardboard or plastic the same height as the tin and glue inside.

Cupcake lid instructions
1/ measure and cut a circle to fit your tin size. Cut more enough to fit the stuffing that will go inside
2/ do a fast and loose stitch around the circle
3 & 4/ gather & pull to create the outside of circle folding in
5/ glue stuffing on lid
6/ place lid inside the fabric & pull both end off cotton until it goes tight and your edges are clean. Once you have the result you like, knot and resew the edges so its neat & flat
7/ decorate with any embellishments you like. I used one of the hundreds of pom poms my daughter makes and have floating & breeding around the house (I'm serious) If it wasn't midnight I would sew on some sequins but my eyes are ready to pop out my head so thats a job for another day lol

This is a quick and easy project to do. I decided to do this tonight because I was sick of looking at the empty tins lying around and my little sewing kit that is always overflowing... so this was the result. I will use mine as a sewing kit, not a gift box though as I like the idea of using the lid as a pin cushion :)

I do wish however that photoshop didn't want to keep crashing and blogger would load fast  tonight... do you notice the times you want to do a quick post it never happens & they seen to take the longest? anyway I am off to bed :D

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