Monday, September 17

Stitching in progress

For the last week my 8 year old daughter has been making a bookmark for school. I designed the Adventure time pattern for her which features her 2 favourite characters Finn and Princess Bubblegum. I helped her with some of the details and the tricky parts but she has mostly stitched it all herself. I think she is doing great for her first project. Once she has finished the background I with do the boarder for her and will post the finished design on here.

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  1. Awwww it is really cute!!
    well done :)

    Christina xxx

  2. Wonderful post dear!

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  3. Hej hon =) Sorry I havent been online on my English blogg, I just felt it was a bit tad to much lol. I am on Instagram tho and my Swedish blogg, I will be adding translation if you fancy coming over to have a look .=)
    Jess / hugs..

    1. no worries babe, yes add translation and I will come visit there :)
      I got instagram but just have not had time for it, can not get into it lol maybe one day oxoxoxoxoxox0