Friday, September 7

Recycle t-shirt to plushie robot doll

Here is a little robot plushie doll I made out of a tee that my daughter had outgrown. Now I do not know how to begin to explain how obsessed she was to this kawaii shirt and she would not let me throw it out. So a decision was made to upcycle it :)
For some reason I lost my pics that I had taken of the middle steps (nothing wants to work for me lately lol) so I will just have to try to explain and hopefully that will be enough

Tutorial on how to make / recycle a t-shirt to a cute plush robot doll
1/ find your t-shirt and cut a around your print, either a square or a rectangle
2/ using some scrap fabric or half a metre of desired fabric, cut head, ears, arms & legs out.
3/ fold and sew around the edges of all body parts, leaving an opening at each end.
5/ turn all inside out and stuff with stuffing
6/ sew ears into head (have head inside out and ear inside panel facing in)
7/ sew body parts & head in the same way as above. Pin to keep in place.
When sewing the parts in, sew slowly and push down as the stuffing makes it tricky
8/ turn inside out from side panel on body
9/ stuff & hand stitch up the side
 This was the basic pattern I used, you can adjust to suit your t-shirt print & if you want different dimensions for your body parts. Free to use :)

Have fun experimenting with this, I think I will change the robot face as I am not completely happy with it, but its okay for now.

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  1. Hi
    I just met your blog: D I loved the idea of ​​creating a doll with a T-shirt. It was super cool
    Kisses: *

    1. Thanks Honey, I am now following your blog, its great :)