Thursday, August 9

Magic Mike review

 Where do I start? Last weekend I was asked to go with some friends to watch Magic Mike... I do not go to the movies much unless I really want to see the film but I agreed as my friend has been a bit down and needed a night out to cheer her up.

To start this review is hard as the movie was over shadowed by the women.... yes the drunk women that was in the movie theatre who was yelling before, during and after the movie at any piece of male skin that hit the screen lol If I heard during the movie "WOOOOO TAKE IT OFF!!!" once, I had heard it 100 times 8) I have been to actual strip shows and the woman were not that bad, very weird experience lol

Anyway about the movie

I can't say I hated it but can not say I loved it. First up I don't like Matthew McConaughey at all and don't find him appealing... I also don't find Channing Tatum sponge worthy either but I do not mind him as an actor so from the get go I guess you could say I went into this movie with low expectations.

The story was meh.. predicable, slightly boring love sort of story.. The lead girl was terrible, she reminded me of Kristen Stewart and how she acts, tries to be tough, sour face all the time... The men were what you expect, semi naked, over the top and you get to see nothing really which I think a lot of the audience really wanted to see and was waiting for lol

Alex Pettyfer who played one of the lead roles was quite cute, I haven't seen him in any movies before so was impressed he pulled this role off well. The thing that I liked about him was one minute he looked not so great but as soon as he was in stripper mode he was very hot lol

There was some funny scenes which was unexpected and Olivia Munn who played a small role looked stunning like always when she graced the screen.

What saved the movie for me was two things....
One was a background character, who was a fellow stripper, which is Joe Manganiello from True Blood  who plays Alcide.. or Wolfie as I call him hahaha he is divine ;p he may have not been in it a lot but when he was it was good :)

Second was surprisingly this was filmed really really well, maybe too artsy for this type of movie, the rowdy bunch of woman watching it would not have appreciated the actual film work and creative aspects (I'm sounding like I know something here hahahaha) I don't know who directed this movie and I am too lazy to research it lol but they need a medal as they actually did make it appealing and watch-able. A few of the scenes I really liked the camera angels and feel of it.

So I guess my recommendation would be if you like the lead stars you will love this movie. If you like fun light hearted movie's again you will love it but don't waste your money at the movie's if you are looking for a amazing story line, just wait until it comes out on DVD

If none of this made sense I apologise I am over tired and really need to get to bed <3


  1. I want to see it because of Alex Pettyfer and Matt Bomer. I've been an Alex Pettyfer fan for around 3 years now, so this role is certainly something I think i'd enjoy him playing.

    1. You would love him in it Nat, you have great taste in men btw lol xx