Friday, August 3

How to brighten up an ugly picture frame

Everyone has that picture frame shoved in the cupboard that will never be on display because basically its just ugly!! Here is a way to modernise the frame and also use some scrap fabric that is just collecting dust.

Above is a frame that would never match my house, like ever... My mum gave it to me with something in it and I pretty much pulled the picture out and put away just in case I needed it. I tell myself to stop hoarding things but its times like now I am glad I do :)

Basically all I did with this frame (I forgot to take a picture, crap!) was take it apart and outside I spray painted it pink. Easy!

Next I trimmed my scrap piece of fabric to the size of the frame. 
I  designed a little quote in Photoshop to print out on cardboard. 
I then cut the letters out using a craft knife and ruler.
Once completely cut I placed the fabric and the cardboard into the frame....
and...  woo hoo done!

This is a great way to recycle and get some of your favourite word quotes into your homes without having to pay crazy prices at the stores. I like that you can also match to the colour schemes of your rooms and it has a nice homely feel to it.

Below is the template you can print to make your own*

Have a great weekend!!! happy crafting or whatever you are up to <3

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*This template is free for personal use only


  1. This is amazing! I really goog idea! Love the pink colour you choose. Alwasy good tutorials.

  2. I'll be painting my frames when I move, all in one colour as most of my frames I pick up from op shops and I have them in pretty much every colour under the sun, i'm thinking all bright pink though!

    1. yes all pink would look great Nat! There is such great frames at the second hand shops, just going to waste. Pictures of all your babies will look great in the frames at your new place <3