Tuesday, July 17

TUTORIAL - Hand stitched card

Here is a card I made for my friend who's birthday it is today, I decided to make a tutorial on how to make a stitch embroidery card as I have been a bit slack on the tut's lately :)

My friend is pretty much obsessed with the book 50 Shades of Grey.... yes I know it is not for everyone and to be honest its not my thing, not because on the content, just because I am finding it boring to read and the product placement I can not handle haha 

Anyway back to this tut.... so basically you need a design first, if you have not stitched much, stick to a line drawing or wording like above. I wanted something that would be recognisable but easy & quick to stitch so what I do is jump to the main subject of what you are doing, this book was sex bondage, so a basic whip was the design I picked.

What you need 

- Blank card
- Black embroidery thread + needle
- Pencil & paper
- design
- paper clips
1/ Draw your design on a piece of paper the same size as your card 
I have put some free Christian Grey templates for you to use at the bottom of this post)
2/ Mark with a different colour marker where your stitches will be, these are normally approx the same size but on corners they will need to be smaller
3/ Paper clip your paper to the front of the card
4/ Prick your paper all the way through the card where you have marked the dots
5/ take off your paper and paper clips
6/ Start stitching... when you stitch the straight lines, go from behind and follow the dots
7/ write inside your card
8/ You are done!!!!

 I hope you find this an easy DIY project and enjoy some humour in your craft :) Life sometimes is too boring for all pretty flowers and patchwork right?

Here are some free craft & embroidery sewing templates you can use for personal use on any of your stitch or any projects you can think of!

The plain whip template is for the not so darling but slightly naughty GREY fans ;)
The OHhhhh O whip template is for the more ladies who like things more in your face and real!
& the GREY word whip is for the die hard Christian Grey fans who maybe slightly obsessed but in a good way lol

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  1. Ohh thats really really nice =) That is maybe something I could manage lol.

    =) Oh poor your 8 year old... still waiting for the hair on her chest lol =)

    1. I think you could definitely manage this!! :)))

      haha I think that could be a joke we could have going for weeks with her!