Monday, July 9

Red Velvet cake fail

This is what happens when you put too much cream in your layers.... It will teach me to be greedy with the cream and jam lol

Oh no

I am not a huge fan of red velvet cakes... yes shock horror!!!  everyone that is obsessed and in love with them feel free to rant & yell at me about there awesomeness and how I should take back that they are not the most delicious thing I ever have tasted lol

I find these cakes to be too sweet and I am not keen on the after taste but with some cream and raspberry jam I find it tastes like blackforest cake, so that's a plus for me, makes it eatable :)

My daughter had been asking me to make her this for ages so I was testing a small boob mold and used the red velvet mix. So needless to say because I am not too into this cake anyway I was not devastated it hit the floor hard haha but the look on my daughters face as she seen it splatter was priceless!

Lesson learnt here.... don't do 1 inch cream layers over a think layer of jam haha

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  1. Awww lol poor your dd tho =) But I thought you said you liked a bit of a "lean" to the cakes... or did I get that off the foot? lol.
    Well you can eat the top (bottom) lol. =) Are you making her a new one?

    = )

    1. hahaha yeah we ate the bottom part :) No I didn't make another one, it was this or nothing lol