Saturday, July 21


Yesterday I created a youtube account, uploaded a video, go to bed everything is fine...

Today I get up, do what I have to around the house and pop on net and find the Google has done something and I now have no youtube channel, video gone and I have to start all over again.... the only reason I can see why is because when I created the account  I automatically was given a google+ profile which I did not want and requested it to be deleted which would take up to 48 hours...

So my email I receive today is that my google+ profile does not match a real name and therefore account is gone, suspended or something ?? FFS I didn't want it in the first place as I already have a g+ profile that I don't even use!!

Its the same as FB, you can't go anywhere on the net without having a 'sign in with Facebook'.... you know what I don't want to and I don't see why I have to!!! Let me sign in with a email address so FB doesn't have to track my every move! Google is already watching everything, fb doesn't need to as well....

There is no privacy any more and everything is made harder than it is... what's wrong with the old days of the net... If you wanted to sign up to something, you just created an account with an email address, do a password, you are in.... But no you need a FB or G+ account with your real name, you have to allow them to access your stuff... blah blah frigg'in blah....

ok I'm ranting and I need to get to a kids party so I better stop typing now before G deletes my blogger account hahaha

I will try to create and upload that video again tonight... bloody fuckers.. wish me luck :)

The gif above is google dancing at me hahaha

new video reposted with a new account... yayyy only wasted another 2 hours of my life lol


  1. I totally agree with you on that one. Our Swedish websites have it as well, but they do give us the option to register on its own. = ) I do sometimes sign in with FB, depending on what website it is. =)

    I guess its their way of seeing as you have all in one place, cant see it any other way lol.
    I have facebook as well, but thinking a lot of not having it. But then my kids father lives in the UK and we are in Sweden... and other friends in the UK that i still like to keep in touch with.

    So its a bit of a dilemma haha.
    I was meant to drive to London on the 29th, but hubba made that happen, sure I am working day time but could go in the evening and then move 2 days from work with someone else.
    But nope... I guess my dream trip wont happen yet... = )a tad disappointed.

    Not sure why I told you that LMAO guess as you are pissed, I tell you something that pissed me off lol. =)
    Have a great day (or night =D )

    1. I have a couple with FB too, only because there is no other option lol Yeah maybe it is to keep everything in one place but it still shits me. Yeah I would like to delete mine too but like you its easy to keep in contact with certain people, my relatives from overseas & around Australia I wouldn't ever talk to if it wasn't for fb, I guess there is good and bad to everything :)

      ahh that trip would have been nice, I would have been pissed off at that too lol sometimes you just need a mini break!!

      hope you had a nice weekend oxoxo

  2. How is it going with your youtube? =) Hope all is well. hugs.