Monday, July 2

Make your own cute DS case

School holidays have just started so for the next 2 weeks I am 'entertain the 8 year old so she doesn't drive me bonkers' lol Today I helped her make a cover for her Nintendo DS out of felt. This is an easy project for children who can do a basic straight stitch and a blanket stitch for the edges.

There really is not much to making these, all you do is
cut each shape out of desired felt colour and stitch the shapes on to the face panel. You could even glue these on to save time. Once the face shapes are sewn onto the face panel you then place it on top of your 2 rectangular panels and blanket stitch around the edges, it doesn't matter if this is not neat as it adds to the cuteness when it is a bit messy. The children can even make up their own kawaii faces, the more creative the better!

Above is two free craft templates to make your own cute DS face case. You can adjust this to fit ipods, phones or even your ipad.

This DIY project is perfect to keep the kids busy on their holidays and would be a fun inexpensive gift for them to make for friends. I would not recommend for younger children unless you do the cutting and supervise the needlework :)

What you need
- felt in different colours
- scissors
- needle
- wool or embroidery thread
- creativeness


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  1. Oh wow I should get these things and let my oldest do some for their games in hand. =)
    I just wish summer holiday is over lol kids so bored as half of them are away and we are still working. =)
    But they have like Nursery but for older kids. =)

    Hope you have a great day =)

    1. ah you have school holidays to.. it is hard to keep them busy and not bored. My 8 year old has just got out of bed and she is complaining she is bored already, looks like I better help her make something lol We went to the movie s yesterday to watch Brave but I think the kids were more bored with that haha maybe it was the movie?

      Do you remember when you were young, no such thing as being bored, I know we were in the backyard making doll houses out of bricks and ramps for our bikes lol maybe the kids of today are losing their imagination a bit to go and do their own activities without mum helping them, which is a bit sad actually