Wednesday, July 4

Inexpensive Cake board tutorial

Are you sick of baking a cake, taking it to a party and never getting your fucking cake board back? Well I am because they are so damn expensive & people are thieves haha

In the hunt for a solution a friend who makes cakes all the time told me this little tip she uses, it is cheap, you can have it matching any theme of your party and best of all if you do not get the cake board back then who cares!!

Steps to make this is pretty easy and as long as you know how to use a saw or any cutting tool you will be making these in no time :)

HOW TO MAKE A CAKE BOARD to fit any size cake 
1 - Buy some 3mm plywood (of thicker) and cut it to fit your cake template. Measure the board so there is enough room around the edge of your design.
I cheated here and got my brother in-law to cut mine as I could not find any saw, jigsaw etc in my garage or my dads shed, even though I know the men have them.. err
If you can not cut this yourself or have no one to cut to size then the hardware shop normally will cut it for you :-)
2 - Get your supplies - scissors, tape and wrapping paper.
Try to use wrapping paper that is wider than your board and that is on a roll so there is no folds etc
3 - Cover board in any wrapping paper that will match your cake. I used a silver foil as I did not want a pattern and it wipes clean easy when you make a mistake. Just cover board like you would wrap a present and secure tightly at back.
4 - Turn over and you are done.
5 - Make and decorate your cake.

Total coast of this board was approx $3.. so cheap!! The same size from my local cake decorating shop was $40... yes $40!!... I never knew a board cut into a rectangle could be such an easy money maker LOL I know its got the pretty silver foil on the cake board but still that price is crazy!!

You can reuse the board, just toss the wrapping paper and re-wrap over and over. Great inexpensive way to have custom size & different shape cake boards that you can do yourself.

Please excuse the boobie cake for the tutorial, that was just the cake I happened to make last weekend when I took the picture.

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  1. I've even used a cheap canvas board once that I covered with some holographic contact... worked well enough for the dollars (or lack of) spent :)

    1. ahh that is a good idea too!! Holographic contact would look great for a cake board :)