Thursday, July 5

FIND - Unicorn farts lipbalm

Today I am not feeling too well, hayfever is killing my life again, I really hate this windy weather.. looks like I am on phenergan again for at least a few days... booo :(

Anyhoo I came across this tonight and it made me laugh out loud, yes out loud!!! So how could I not post this cute and funny lip balm :) Who knew that unicorn farts smell like spearmint and pink cotton candy? I didn't but I do now haha

You can buy these unicorn fart lip balms and other amazing products from  Long Winter soap co on etsy.

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  1. OMG LOL haha I want some... where do I get it?? hahaha.

    answer: LOL Yes well I have come to terms on WHEN I can play, like only after all kids are in bed and we are free. Then I can play. =)
    Oh nice Monster Inc 2? I also saw that its coming one of the animals in a zoo... its Cris rock in one of the voices... oh its so funny... cant wait. =)

  2. haha its so cool hey, the link is in my post on where you can buy :)

    I am glad you get free you time to play your games, that's great! oh I didn't know Chris Rock was one of the voice... now I really want to see it lol