Friday, July 27

FIND - Barbie & the ROCKERS fabric bed cover

 I think I have talked in another post that I am pretty bad at buying fabric but I think what I did not tell you is that I also love finding old bed quilt covers and using the fabric from these to make things.... Today I found this amazing, like totally AMAZING quilt cover, lets just say I almost squealed in the shop when I seen it....

 I think I love this find even more as I can relate it to my childhood, I have some good memories with my sister & I playing with our barbie dolls for hours on end with our Barbie and the Rockers Tape playing all the songs on repeat lol hmm I must see if I can find that cassette tape on ebay, I'm sure someone must have it for sale.

I am not sure you can get more 80's than this quilt, the hair, the print, the colour..... *squeals to myself again*

Here is a video I found for us oldies to laugh at and the younger generation to know what I am talking about lol

Now what to make with this...... I am thinking a summer dress but the front print is so huge & I do not want to have to waste that awesome print by cutting it up to much. Any ideas?

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  1. omg... that fabric, to me looks like the 80s lol =) Sorry haha.
    yes Muppet is my word for almost everyone, good as bad. =) haha.
    I find it charming as well =)

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  3. I am so incredibly jealous right now.... What a great find.