Sunday, July 29

Edward Scissorhand drawing

This weekend has been one of those ones when nothing really goes right.. My lap top keeps freezing which is driving me insane so getting on the net is useless... My mobile phone is in and out of signal constantly but I don't know if its my phone being shit or if its the provider.... and tonight I spilled a whole boiling hot cup of tea in my bed and all over me lol fucking hell, the last thing you want is a wet bed and to make another fresh tea...  haha Now I am sitting on the lounge with a remote that wont change channel as my cable has froze as well, I am stuck watching the old Madonna movie 'Who's that Girl?' fuck its shit house, I had forgotten had terrible it is.... technology hates me today!

Anyway my daughter is doing a movie review at school tomorrow and she picked Edward Scissorhand... yes she likes being different lol 

So she was drawing a picture to go with the report and was getting frustrated she could not get Edward looking real. So I encouraged her to draw a cartoon version as she is great at that style, I did one as well to help her along :)

Not my best art work, the arm is all stupid and the marker I used was shit which sucks (where is my drawing texter? and which child has stolen it?? lol)   I don't even know why I am posting this, probably because I have nothing else to post or yap about lol Drawing is good for me though even if the end result is not great, it takes my mind off things and calms me down. It is definitely a good relaxation tool for me, you guys should try it sometime when you want to clear your head.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I am off to my damp bed, I can't watch this movie no more <3

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