Wednesday, July 25

Cute Kitten printed Jumper

Today I printed some kittens on a sweat shirt for my daughter :) She was even nice enough to model it for my blog

Her favourite obsessions at the moment are.... 
Cute cats, One Direction (previous posts will show you that lol) pretty colours & staying in bed as much as possible in comfy clothing but still must be in fashion... so I combined all of these things together & came up with 5 cats (could or couldn't be 1D kitty's, lets pretend they are) in lovely pastel colours on a big comfortable pink jumper she can wear all day in bed :)

I think I succeeded in my task as she was very pleased & did not want to take it off to go to dance lessons this afternoon. I was meant to do this for the last few days but the kids have been sick, not at school and I am not feeling well so I finally did it for her today but apparently I missed the One Direction 2 year anniversary she could have worn this on..... 8/ lol

The middle cat I wish printed more blue like I wanted & had on the computer design but maybe because it was on the pink fabric it didn't print the blue very well. l found this kitten picture on Tumblr, I couldn't find the original source of the photo to credit sorry. I changed the design & colour of each pussy cat and added the bow tie on for extra cute factor.

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  1. this came out really awesome! looks great with the pink sweat shirt<3 following back!

  2. Cute! xoxo

  3. Seriously cute!and your daughter could be a model :)

    1. thank you & I showed her your comment and she blushed lol

  4. You're one lucky mom to be able to make such a present for your daughter and her appreciating it! Girls can be so choosy... And she looks adorable.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    1. thank you :) Yes girls can be choosy, I know because I am too lol

      No worries, you blog is great & Thanks in return x