Tuesday, July 10

Clean Start

Today my recent order of skincare arrived, thankfully just in time as I am almost all out of my cleanser :) I have been using Clean Start now for a few years to treat my acne. I don't like recommending a product unless I really love it and seriously this is just amazing!! I really really love it.

I have suffered bad acne since I was a teenager many years ago, which then turned into adult acne. I have tried everything from chinese herbal stuff to high priced skincare products, all with little help. The only thing that worked for me was Roacutaine, which is some serious shit and after being on that a few times for a few years I really never want to go back on it. 

The last time I was on Roacutaine was after I used a product that claimed it would cure my pimples blah blah blah but in reality it fucked up my skins natural balance and made my skin 100 times worse... I won't name this brand but lets says every celebrity endorses it but I am sure none have never used this product in their life. It was harsh as shit and basically my skin specialist said it was the worst thing I could have ever used.... so again I have to go on the strong arse meds for a year :(

Long story short, one day on the front cover of a teen magazine of my daughters was some samples of this product, Clean Start had just been launch into Australia and the reviews on Dermalogica normal skincare range was great so I thought, why not, I will try it even though it was for younger skin haha

From the first few days I had used the samples I was hooked and loved it, I brought the skincare kit first just in-case I was not happy after a month and didn't waste my money on the full size bottles.

I now buy the full size bottles and my daughter also uses them, they last us ages and controls my terrible skin lol This latest order I also brought the Kit again that is shown in my picture for my sister to try and she rang me this afternoon to tell me her face feels so much better just after her first wash!

I can not say if this would work for everyone suffering with bad skin but its worth trying their sample sizes as you never know <3 The only downfall for me with using this range is that it is hard to find in the stores where I live so I have to buy online.

You can buy straight from the Clean Start website or the  Dermalogica site.

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*I have not been paid to endorse this product

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