Sunday, June 24

Sunday Biscuits

Today was one of those days when you feel like shit, your head is throbbing yet you have to go on. Of course this was also the day that your child has to cook biscuits for school the next day and do a speech about them......... So I helped her make some heart biscuits for her class and with the left over dough my other daughter did some 1D cookies. Ignore the bad attempt at icing them as I stuffed up the royal icing big time and it was too fucking runny lol

 This was one of the best biscuit recipes I have tried, most just turn out crap and the dough is hard to shape but this was pretty good and not too sticky. They also tasted really good, a lot like the traditional biscuits my Nan would cook, slight shortbread taste to them.

I used the basic biscuit dough recipe for the Basic Recipes website.

Okay I better go finish watching True Blood and then get my arse to bed to rest my head, if I wake up with hayfever again tomorrow I may just cut my nose off or stick some tampons up it to soak up the snot... eww thats gross hahaha

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  1. Awww they look brilliant = ) haha I am usless in baking lol.. but I keep trying.

    Yes I agree with you on what you said on my post. =) Hard but also hard when you suspect someone like that and you cant say anything due to other things. =/

    Hope you have a good day.

    1. believe me I am useless too, can only do cakes lol but these actually worked, I surprised myself :)

      Hope you have a good day too honey, I am off to do some housework :( lol


  2. I know those days..
    I love baking cookies and spend the weekend eating them. But I moved to a new appartment 3 months ago and I just have one of those terrible mini ovens. I hate it!!

    1. lol I would hate to have a mini oven but then again it would get me out of cooking roost dinners :)