Tuesday, June 19

Raspberry & Cream layered Cake DIY

Quick cake today for my Dad's Birthday :) It is a little burnt on the edges but we will pretend we didn't see that wont we? lol I normally make huge slab cakes and forgot this was in the over :p
This is basically the cake that has been at every family function since I was little. My Nan would make it and it's one of my favourite things ever!! it make not look that fancy or even be that great to anyone else but I just love it and could eat this whole thing.

This is also the only cake my Dad will eat so because I have now taken over the duties of cooking this since my Nan passed away, I made it for my Dad so when he got home from a long day at work it was there waiting for him.... yes I am a sweet daughter or maybe just a suckhole haha

There really is nothing to this cake, easiest 'how to make' ever

- Cook a basic vanilla cake but add extra vanilla essence 
This is my little trick, it always makes the cake better so do it
- Let cake cool and cut into layers, the taller the cake the more layers you can do
- Whip some thickened cream until its light and fluffy
Do not use fake cream, NEVER use fake cream, its gross and should be banned!!
- Microwave a open jar of Raspberry Jam for approx 20 secs and mix with a knife
- Spread a layer of the jam onto the bottom layer of the cake 
- Spread a layer of cream over the jam
- Repeat on all layers
- Decorate top of cake as you will

My family doesn't like any icing etc on the top as it takes away from the flavour of the layers so I just shoved on a 2 minute banner I made before rushing out the door, so please don't laugh at that, I know I could have done better but its the thought that counts :)

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  1. Wow sounds really easy going.
    I made my first cake when husbands birthday was, and one looked like Leaning Tower, Pisa hahaha but the kids loved it.
    Hope your family had a great day.

    A:HAHAHAHA OMG Are you for real??? haha.
    But now all will try it and then you say HAHA they so desperate they use hemorrhoid cream lol haha.
    I should try a boring Sunday. =) thanks for that.

    1. haha it doesn't matter if its not straight and about to fall over, as long as it tastes good ;) try this its easy!

      I am for real!!! bahahahahaha