Wednesday, June 13

One Direction Name Jackets

One Direction Custom name jackets!
I hand stitched these designs on the back of some plain jackets for my daughters, basically to shut them up and to stop the nagging lol can a Mum say that???

The top picture is Harry Styles Blazer I stitched with STYLES 1 on the back. There is red trim around collar and on pockets.

Bottom picture is a baseball style sweat jacket with Payne stitched on the back. I loved how this one turned out as it was a last minute sew just to keep my other daughter happy as she was jealous her sister had the Harry jacket.

The things we do for our kids :)

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  1. I'm soooo jealous! both jackets are adorable (: your DIYs are so cute.
    if your in need of anymore one direction crafts, we have just the site! <3


  2. omg adopt me plz!!!!! i would beg for a styles jacket in the style of the payne jacket