Monday, June 11

Internet vs Reality - FRENCH BRAID

I love the idea of trying things I see on the internet but sometimes for me I do not succeed and its a complete fail. I thought I would post some things that don't always work or half work... So Internet Vs Reality has now officially started on my blog.

Now I should declare I have never ever been able to braid, I have tried and given up many times as it frustrates me. My sister was always the one who could do any braid imaginable and does them perfect so I have never had to learn lol Today however my daughter wanted the braids, not for the pretty look of them to wear out but just to make her hair wavy for school tomorrow. Well because my pathetic braiding was not going to be on display to the public I agreed to give it a go.  

My sister is away for the long weekend in Adelaide with her roller derby team so it was not possible to ring her for tips or tricks, so off I went just on my memory of her trying to teach me when I was a teenager as I didn't feel like looking through the net for tutorials. The left side I did first which is the dodgy and really uneven. I did not pull enough hair into each section and my fingers seemed to get frigg'in tangled up haha Anyway I tried to learn from my mistake and make sure I pulled hair into each section while going moving down the hair, which worked well. It made the braid sit right on the head and wasn't droopy looking like the other side.

Above is the right side that actually turned out a lot better and I am happy with it. If only I could get both sides the same. At least I know now I could do a single french braid and get it to work.

The conclusion of this internet vs reality is that I think it is possible to get this pretty french braid look, maybe just try with one so then if its messy or uneven you can get away with it more and claim that it is meant to be that way :) 

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  1. What you fail to realize is that the hairstyles ARE UNEVEN. The pictures you found on the internet are made in a angle where you can't see the back, but only the sides.