Friday, June 22

FIND: Knitted Skull Booties & Pants

Tonight while on Etsy I found some wonderful hand knitted baby gear by Chaos Clan

 There is some super cute handmade baby pieces in the store and it makes me wish I listened to my Nan all those years ago on how to read and make a knitting pattern. I may be able to knit but I can't follow a pattern for shit lol It doesn't make me want a baby again though...... 8) haha

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  1. Awwww how adorable =) Oh well, you can make them I am sure... how ever, i am the same.... cant do any of that at all. =) I am not handy whats so ever. =)

    hope you have a wonderful midsummer day. =) Today is the middle of the summer and in Sweden we celebrate with good food and friends. =)

    1. Good food and friends sounds wonderful, it was a nice day here, very windy but the sun was at least out to dry by 5 loads of washing lol

      and no I could never make these lol

  2. A: Thanks hon... the thing is we call it free health care even though we pay something like 150.00 SEK = 21.2785 AUD (roughly). But its not free, and its double that in the off hours lol. I lived in the UK, there its totally 100% free. Which is SO much better.
    Now you go and wait for the last minute cause you might have to return for the same cause.


    1. ahh I see, yes that suck waiting until the last minute but really when you have to pay there is no other choice :( We only pay for specialist appointments which can be very expensive, normally around $150 AUD but we get back a % from the government so its not too bad. We are a lucky country Australia, the people her complain a lo bit they do not know how good they have it most of the time :)

      well I do hope your knee feels better ASAP! oxoxo

  3. P.S = yes Tattoos is the shit lol haha, hubba do them.. he is new with it so its free =) . Do you have any? =)

    1. You are very lucky to have someone do them for you! I cant thing how many I have, better count in my head lol 8 I think, feet, ankle, back, stomach, wrist, elbow and forearm :) I am saving atm for the top half of my arm, my tattoo artist is drawing it up for me.

      I think most of Tattoos are on my Flickr
      You may need to be a member to view some pictures though :)