Wednesday, June 20

DIY Pillowcase to childs Apron! UPCYCLE

 Do you have some old retro pillowcases in your cupboard, can't throw them out but not sure what to do with them? Then this is the Tutorial for you. So grab a spare hour, your scissors, sewing machine and that old pillowcase and lets get started.

I will post each step to this with the each picture, I think its a tricky process to explain so a picture always helps :)

Step 1
- Cut you pillowcase into 2 panels and  unfold the section that folds inside the pillow, you can use that for extra fabric

- The most important part here is to work around whatever print design you have so there really is no measurements, I went by eye and tried to use all the Bananas in Pyjamas print. So using the above template as a base, figure out what will work best for you pillowcase and cut. 

Do not use blunt scissors like I did, you will not get straight neat cuts, I search for my sewing scissors for 30 mins before I gave up... the kids must have got to my good scissors again !!!! I will not swear about that but I do want to lol

- I had extra fabric so I made the weird looking cooking hat but you could use this fabric to make your neck strap longer if you wanted to

 Step 2
- fold all your straps in half with wrong way showing and sew a straight line up  each edge

- turn your straps so the correct side of fabric is showing. For the skinny waist strap use a safety pin to pull fabric through

- once the correct way is showing, iron straps flat and sew around all the edges. Fold open end inside strap so it becomes neat and clean

 Step 3
- sew hems around bib and skirt panels as shown where the pink lines are in the pictures

Now this is the tricky bit
- you need to get your skirt the same size as your bib. I did this by folding loose freehand pleats on each side but you could use the ruffle method here if you like that look better and it is easier. I just wanted mine flat in the center so you could see the design more

- sew the pleats flat to keep them together

- place bib panel upside down, pin and sew a straight line. If you have a serger  then use that as its a nicer finish but I know most people do not have an overlocker so I only used my machine for this DIY project.

 Step 4
- sew on waitbands to each side

- lay apron flat and pin the pleats to bib and sew. Cut any messy pleats above the sewn line
This will make the apron sit flush against body and give a nicer edge.

- fold over the bib hem and pin the neck straps to each side

- sew across making sure you do a strong triple stitch over the straps.

Normally with straps you would do the X box style stitch but because you are working with limited fabric you want to use all the fabric you can in the actual strap:)

And thats it, cut off any hanging thread and you are done!!

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  1. Although its probably the best explanation ever... I am so useless with direction like this. I cant even begin on how or where to start haha.
    =)* But it looks really nice, so sweet and i think my youngest would love having one of those. =)
    I hope you have a great day. =)

    1. haha well when I did this post I was high and not sleepy on Phenergan for my hayfever, actually I have been all week I am not sure how I even made this apron to begin with now I think of it LOL so when I feel better and head is clear I will re-read just to make sure I make sense :)

      It is sweet, my daughter is a bit old for Bananas in Pygamas print but even she wanted it 8)

      thanks Jess, you have a nice day too oxo