Saturday, June 9

Beauty tip - How to make your skin smoother!

Sometimes you come across a product that you love so much you wish you had always had it. Well for me this is it... Smashbox Primer

 For the past few years I have been using the original Smashbox Photo finish Primer after seeing a review on a photography website of all things. Being in Australia made it hard to buy it but I was determined to try it as my skin it not the greatest, from lots of years with acne and still now adult acne. So long story I feel in love with this.

This primer makes my skin perfect for a make-up base, you can even use on its own if you don't wear much make-up. I am not saying this is a miracle cure and takes away all your wrinkles and faults but it definitely makes your pores look smaller and your lines softer.

I have noticed a lot of the major brands now have primers available and I have tried a few of them but none come near my Smashbox. I do not know what they have in this to make you look better in photos but it friggin works!!! even when a bad camera is used lol

There is now a lot of different Smashbox primers for different things so do some research and see what is best for you and if you are still not sure try the original and see what you think.

I will start to add some beauty tips and products regularly as its nice to share :)

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  1. I've been on the search for a new primer, i've run out and have just been using samples, I was eyeing this one the other day, I may have to check it out. I love that it came in a variety of colours!

    1. I swear by it, its worth the money! its how I stay looking young haha