Tuesday, May 1

Skeleton Bow Headband with sequin love heart

Fast and short post today, its late and I have to get up early in the morning so my yapping skills are at a minimum lol I didn't have time for a tutorial today, maybe tomorrow :)

Here is a quirky and cool bow headband that I attached a plastic skeleton to and a little red sequinned heart on the ribcage. I did not glue this on as I do not like the look of glue, instead I hand sewn on using clear cotton (its almost like fishing line but really really thin) It is very fiddly to use but I like the end result.

I wish I had taken a photo on my head so you can see the fill effect of it before I gave this to a friend, next one I do I will make sure to get a head shot.

This is perfect for the Rock'n'roll, goth, rockabilly, psychobilly or punk girl who has everything!

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