Sunday, May 27

Big Boy 2012

Today I got inspiration from a vintage Big Boy toy figure I have sitting in my kitchen. I thought I would have some fun and change him to a Big Bad Boy of 2012... I'm not sure this guy would eat huge burgers but I will imagine he does and shares one with me haha
Anyhoo I enjoyed drawing him in front of the TV watching a movie, it was a nice Sunday...
hope you like :)

I drew a quick sketch first to see if it would work then redid in markers. I don't draw much any more but I think I will try to draw at least once a week to get me back into it. I need the practice and it somehow calms me and takes away some stress lol

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  1. Man, it's probably due to the fact i've been a little, uh, sexually frustrated that I noticed he totally had a package! He's certainly a cutie!

    1. bahahaha well that's where he gets the big from in his name ;)