Saturday, April 28

Arrested Development Quote "COME ON" cross-stitch

I have been admiring some great cross stitch designers for a while now and wanted to try my own. I haven't done any major pattern cross stitching or embroidery work since I was a child, I have done some since but always just by eye and never with a pattern.

So my goal was to do one, it didn't go to plan as I stuffed up the curves and tried to fix it but made it worse but for my first word stitching I am still happy :) you can read it so thats a plus haha

The words I used is a quote from the cult TV show Arrested Development. If you know the show you will know the quote, if you don't know it then "COME ON"

I put the finished craft project into a picture frame to complete it and gave it away as a present. Word stitches are a cute little gift when the person has everything.

I didn't do a tutorial for this because really I didnt even know if it would turn out as in the end I winged. Next one I do I will take pics from start to finish :)

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